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Important Messages Health Check

How many times have you experienced a serious outage, only to discover that there was a warning message on the console, informing you of the impending doom?  Of course, you only discover the message after the outage.  Or even worse, when you discover the message, a colleague says “Oh, I saw that message, but I didn’t think it was important.”

We’ve all been there.  But to try to reduce the number of these occasions in the future, as part of his cooperation with Watson and Walker, Mario wrote an IMPORTANT_MESSAGES health check that runs under the IBM Heath Checker for z/OS infrastructure. The program checks console messages as they are issued against a pre-defined list of messages.  The package includes a list of messages that have been identified as being really important by the product owner, or in a Redbook, or an IBM presentation, or an IBM Techdoc.   You can also add your own messages.  If any of the messages in the list are issued, Mario’s health check will generate a Health Checker exception.  This gives you a single place (the SDSF CK option, for example) to check whenever your system starts misbehaving.

The package also includes sample jobs to allow you to add messages from your own applications or non-IBM products that you may be using. 

We plan on updating the list of messages over time, based on new information from IBM, new products, and feedback from other users of this health check. We may also extend the health check to provide critical messages for non-IBM products.  For these reasons, we are requiring all users of this package to provide contact information so that we can send you updates as they become available.
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