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the Application Profiler for z

AP4Z Partners and Friends

Watson and Walker originally planned to distribute our AP4Z technology under their brand. This eventually didn't happen, still we consider Cheryl Watson and her team of performance experts AP4Z's first and best friends. An early version of AP4Z was described in an article of the famous "Cheryl Watson's Tuning Letter". Also, Cheryl in person presented AP4Z in a YouTube video. While both the article and the video refer to an early version of the product and for this reason are in some parts outdated, we believe that they provide a great introduction to AP4Z and its value. Watson and Walker kindly gave us permission to reuse their contents. Here you'll find a reprint of the article and a link to the video.


AP4Z technology extends RES-IT's suite of Application Portfolio Management tools to provide an in-motion view of mainframe applications..

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