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the Application Profiler for z

Business Value

Nowadays IT departments have to deliver new capabilities to the business, while managing constant change in the existing environment and doing ‘more with less’. Maximizing the inherent value and manageability of your current application assets is key to achieving these objectives.

z/OS™ is the central repository for most companys' live data, and allows to access that data via composable application microservices. This accelerates the delivery of new functions, but it also increases the complexity and inter-relationships between z/OS based applications.


It is not unusual to see  transactions that make dynamic calls to hundreds of mainframe programs and services and for some of those called programs to rank in the top 10 CPU-consuming programs, even though they will never appear in any SMF record.

Such level of complexity presents a challenge to anyone tasked with modernizing applications: There are very few standalone applications in a mature z/OS environment. Data and services are extensively shared, making it very difficult to accurately and easily predict the impact of touching one of those applications to tune it, rewrite it in a modern language or move it to another platform.

AP4Z was specifically designed to provide visibility into this dynamic environment. Usage and relationship data is gathered in realtime with minimal overheadAP4Z allows focusing modernization and optimization activities on the most promising candidates, making it possible to pursue initiatives that if applied on a large scale would be too expensive, time consuming and risky.

Information collected by AP4Z can enhance the scope and efficiency of staff in your application development, application support and change control teams. Capacity planning, security and operations support departments may also benefit from it.

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