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the Application Profiler for z

What is AP4Z ?

AP4Z is a lightweight continuous application profiler for z/OS which provides insights into your application programs’ activity. It bridges the gap that exists between what is tracked by SMF records, and how applications actually behave.


Its minimal overhead enables the creation of a comprehensive historical database containing data about all your application programs, regardless if they are invoked by CICS or IMS transactions, Db2 stored procedures, Unix System Services processes, or batch jobs.

The availability of a lightweight tool able to monitor the execution of the entire application portfolio makes it possible to identify most used or most resource hungry programs to focus on.

AP4Z makes use of an easy to use open-source graphical user interface that supports both SQL queries, and a natural language interface for non technical users. It provides a host of standard queries and reports that can be easily extended to fit your specific needs.

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Why should I care ?

AP4Z is invaluable in support of mainframe modernization projects, compiler migration projects, application optimization projects, and day by day application management activities.


By limiting the scope of such projects, AP4Z helps reducing cost and risk associated with them, increases their probability of success and accelerates the return of the investment.

Thanks to its ability to understand actual relationships between programs and applications AP4Z helps assess the complexity of modernization projects. It can also be used to reduce their scope by identifying programs actively used and programs not used anymore.

If used in support of application optimization projects, AP4Z makes it possible to identify the most striking cases of inefficiency on which to focus optimization actions, allowing to rapidly reduce costs.

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