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We focus on the development of tooling which makes it possible to understand, measure and control complex mainframe application workloads.

Mario Bezzi


Mario is AP4Z's designer and development team leader.


He is a mainframe person with 40 years of experience in MVS both as a customer and in various vendor technical support positions. During his career, he worked on topics like z/OS configuration, tuning and system programming, mainframe hardware technologies and high availability solutions.


In his 20 years with IBM, he helped  major financial customers worldwide optimizing their mainframe systems. He cooperated with the z/OS development organization and contributed creating various redbooks publications.

In the last decade he realized that after so many years of infrastructure tuning, significant savings can only be obtained optimizing application code, a discipline which crosses the boundaries between infrastructure management and application development. 

The lack of information about application code's actual behavior turned to be the main limiting factor in most application optimization projects he took part to


This lead Mario to start AP4Z development.

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