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We proudly develop
the Application Profiler for Z

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The only z/OS tool specifically designed to profile

application execution at scale with negligible overhead

What is AP4Z ?

AP4Z is a non-intrusive continuous application profiler.   Application profiling is a dynamic program execution analysis technique popular in distributed environments, not so in z/OS™.


AP4Z monitors the actual execution of application programs to collect information useful to aid application usage understanding and program optimization.

AP4Z delivers otherwise unavailable insights into many aspects of your z/OS applications. None of the information provided by AP4Z is available in any standard system log like SMF and alike.

Why should I care ?

AP4Z is invaluable in support of mainframe modernization projects, application optimization projects, and day by day application portfolio management activities.  

AP4Z sheds a light on the inner behavior of your applications, helps understand how they are used and allows to better define the scope for application transformation activities.

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